Cabin Work Weekend, 2016

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It’s the Cabin Work Weekend and 4th of July Extravaganza!

My email: [email protected]

As we all know, there’s once again loads of work to do:

Fallen trees to be sawn up or otherwise removed
Septic mound to be cleared of brush
Landscape maintenance — mowing, ivy and blackberry removal, weeds from bulkhead, etc.
The cabin cleaned — everything from linens to fridge to windows to cupboards
Cabin rot to be removed, and rotten siding replaced
Cabin painted
Window putty to be replaced
New front bedroom bed (Meg will be bringing one)
Replacement of whatever was stolen from the shed (ax, splitting maul)
Possible repair/replacement of oven that shuts itself off all the time, the #(*&@# thing.
And discussion over whether or not to reverse the swing of that bedroom door. As if we’ll have the energy.

Anything else to add to the list? Let me know.


Who’s coming, and when they’re arriving and leaving (knowing this helps with food and work planning):

Lisa & Clark: Friday-Tuesday
Chris & Theresa: Friday- Tuesday
Mike: Friday-Tuesday
Meg & Mark: Thursday-Tuesday
John & Pam: Thursday-Tuesday
Rhoda: Sunday-Tuesday


Supplies people are bringing (chainsaws, painting equipment, cabin siding, tools, etc.):

Chris: chainsaw, pressure washer, power tools, cords, new siding, weed eater, ladder

Meg: bed, perhaps chainsaw, painting supplies

John & Pam: painting supplies



It seemed to work well to have people choose meals they wanted to be responsible for. Teams also work — whatever you guys want.

Food issues:

Some with gluten intolerance.

A couple people who don’t do dairy.

John can’t have bell peppers of any color, but hot peppers are a-okay.

If you’re not used to cooking gluten-free, just think meat/poultry/seafood, vegetables, salads, fruit, rice, potatoes, beans, gluten-free pastas. And if a little flour is needed in a recipe, there are gluten-free substitutes (rice flour, coconut flour, all-purpose gluten-free flours sold by Bob’s Red Mill). Cooking from scratch may be necessary, as many prepared products (sauces, etc.) contain wheat.

Friday, July 1
dinner: Mike

Saturday, July 2
lunch: Mike
dinner: Lisa

Sunday, July 3
lunch: Pam & John
dinner: Meg

Monday, July 4
lunch: Chris
dinner: Chris

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